New Horizon 3rd grade

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This page houses links to each unit of the New Horizons textbook. Each link can contain worksheets, reading comprehension checks, reading practice sheets, as well as other types of worksheets.
This page is current as of the 2016 version of New Horizons.

Unit Grammar point Target sentence Lesson Resources
0 3rd Grade - Unit 0

Passive voice

This painting is loved by many people.
This picture was painted by the same person. Was this picture painted by the same person? Yes, it was. / No, it was not.
This idea makes me happy.

3rd Grade - Unit 1-1

3rd Grade - Unit 1-2
3rd Grade - Unit 1-3
3rd Grade - Unit 1-4
3rd Grade - Unit 1-5
3rd Grade - Daily Scene 1
3rd Grade - Presentation 1


Perfect tense

I live in Japan. I have lived in Japan for a month. He has lived in Japan for a month.
I have known him for eight years. Have you known him for eight years? How long have you known him? For eight years.
The Amazon is important now. The Amazon has been important for many years.

3rd Grade - Unit 2-1

3rd Grade - Unit 2-2
3rd Grade - Unit 2-3
3rd Grade - Unit 2-4
3rd Grade - Unit 2-5
3rd Grade - Daily Scene 2


Perfect tense
Semi-Auxilliary Verb: Have

Have you ever heard of "fair trade"? Yes, I have. / No, I have not. I have never heard of it.
I have just looked at the prices. Have you looked at the prices yet?
I am surprised to hear that.

3rd Grade - Unit 3-1

3rd Grade - Unit 3-2
3rd Grade - Unit 3-3
3rd Grade - Unit 3-4
3rd Grade - Unit 3-5
3rd Grade - Daily Scene 3
3rd Grade - Presentation 2
3rd Grade - Let's Read 1


"Wh" verb modifiers
... for me ...

I know how to protect myself.
It is necessary for us to prepare for disasters.
I want you to pass on the memories.

3rd Grade - Unit 4-1

3rd Grade - Unit 4-2
3rd Grade - Unit 4-3
3rd Grade - Unit 4-4
3rd Grade - Unit 4-5
3rd Grade - Daily Scene 4


Subject modifiers
"Wh" verb modifiers
Debating skills

Do you know the boy playing the guitar? The boy playing the guitar is my brother. Do you know the language used in Australia? The language used in Australia is English.
What do you mean? I know what you mean.

3rd Grade - Unit 5-1

3rd Grade - Unit 5-2
3rd Grade - Unit 5-3
3rd Grade - Unit 5-4
3rd Grade - Unit 5-5
3rd Grade - Daily Scene 5


Relative pronouns

I brought a book from home. This is a book I brought from home.
Deepa is a student who likes music very much.
This is a movie that [which] makes people happy.
This is a book that [which] she wrote last year.

3rd Grade - Unit 6-1

3rd Grade - Unit 6-2
3rd Grade - Unit 6-3
3rd Grade - Unit 6-4
3rd Grade - Unit 6-5
3rd Grade - Daily Scene 6
3rd Grade - Presentation 3
3rd Grade - Let's Read 2
3rd Grade - Let's Read 3

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