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This page houses links to each unit of the New Horizons textbook. Each link can contain worksheets, reading comprehension checks, reading practice sheets, as well as other types of worksheets.
This page is current as of the 2016 version of New Horizons.

Unit Grammar point Target sentence Lesson Resources

Present interrogative
Present negative

I am Ellen Baker.
You are Ando Saki. Are you Ando Saki? Yes, I am.
Are you from New York? No, I am not. I am not from New York

1st Grade - Unit 1-1

1st Grade - Unit 1-2
1st Grade - Unit 1-3


Present negative

This is my pen. That is my pen.
That is an amusement park. Is that an amusement park? Yes, it is. / No, it is not. It is a department store.
This is Alex. He is my friend. He is not my teacher. This is Ms. Baker. She is my teacher. She is from Boston. She is not from New York.

1st Grade - Unit 2-1

1st Grade - Unit 2-2
1st Grade - Unit 2-3


Present interrogative
Present negative

I like math.
I play the piano. Do you play the piano? Yes, I do. / No, I do not.
I play baseball. I do not play baseball.

1st Grade - Unit 3-1

1st Grade - Unit 3-2
1st Grade - Unit 3-3


Present interrogative

I want a lemon. I want two lemons.
Do they have three rabbits? How many rabbits do they have? They have three rabbits.
Take a doggy bag. Let's use it.

1st Grade - Unit 4-1

1st Grade - Unit 4-2
1st Grade - Unit 4-3
1st Grade - Presentation 1


Present interrogative

Is this a recipe? What is this? It is a recipe.
The curry is delicious. The recipe is not difficult.
Do you have toast and milk for breakfast? What do you have for breakfast? I have toast and milk.

1st Grade - Unit 5-1

1st Grade - Unit 5-2
1st Grade - Unit 5-3
1st Grade - Daily Scene 1


Present interrogative

I live in Australia. Haruki lives in Australia.
Haruki lives near a beach. Does Haruki live near a beach? Yes, he does. / No, he does not.
Haruki talks about animals. Haruki does not talk about animals.

1st Grade - Unit 6-1

1st Grade - Unit 6-2
1st Grade - Unit 6-3
1st Grade - Daily Scene 2


Present interrogative

Is this girl your daughter? Who is this girl? She is my daughter.
What time is it? It is four (o'clock).
Which do you speak at home, English or Portuguese? We speak Portuguese.

1st Grade - Unit 7-1

1st Grade - Unit 7-2
1st Grade - Unit 7-3
1st Grade - Daily Scene 3


Present interrogative

Is my dictionary under the books? Where is my dictionary? It is under the books.
Is this your book? Whose book is that? It is mine.
This is Kota. Do you know him? This is Deepa. Do you know her?

1st Grade - Unit 8-1

1st Grade - Unit 8-2
1st Grade - Unit 8-3
1st Grade - Daily Scene 4


Present progressive

Kota drinks water every day. Kota is drinking water now.
Are you taking pictures? Yes, I am. / No, I am not. What are you doing? I am taking a video.
Don't ask anyone. Be careful.

1st Grade - Unit 9-1

1st Grade - Unit 9-2
1st Grade - Unit 9-3
1st Grade - Daily Scene 5
1st Grade - Presentation 2



Haruki can sleep anywhere. I cannot sleep tonight.
I can skate. Can you skate? Yes, I can. / No, I cannot.
Can you climb Mt. Fuji during summer? When can you climb Mt. Fuji? We can climb it during summer.

1st Grade - Unit 10-1

1st Grade - Unit 10-2
1st Grade - Unit 10-3
1st Grade - Daily Scene 6


Past tense

I watch TV every day. I watched TV yesterday.
I come to school early every morning. I came to school early this morning.
I travelled this winter. Did you travel this winter? Yes, I did. / No, I did not. I did not travel this winter.

1st Grade - Unit 11-1

1st Grade - Unit 11-2
1st Grade - Unit 11-3
1st Grade - Daily Scene 7
1st Grade - Presentation 3
1st Grade - Let's Read

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