We use words like "in" and "on" to describe where things are.


  • Elementary school: Where's the ball? In the box.
  • JHS 1st grade: Where's the book? It's by the box.
  • JHS 2nd grade: There's a TV on the box. There are 2 CDs under the desk.



  • Describing where things are can be slightly difficult, because it typically involves three words. For example, "The ball is on the box.
  • "Where" is in the 7th grade textbook and typically taught then, but 5th and 6th graders can understand and do many similar activities.
  • For JHS 2nd graders learning "there is" and "there are", describing the location of things is good practice. For example, students can write about the classroom or their own room.


  • Flash cards. odg, pdf.
  • Pair worksheet for "Where's the ball? It's on/in/by/under the desk/chair/bed/box." odg, pdf.

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