Numbers can be learned by students of any age, and it's usually a popular topic.



  • If you're using numbers but not studying them, tell your students it's OK (but a little wrong) to say "one three" instead of "thirteen", if they just can't remember.
  • It's easy to teach if you use one of the following ranges for your lesson: 1-10, 1-12, 11-20, 20-39, 20-90 (by tens), 20-99 (by ones), 100-999.
  • In katakana English, plus is "purasu", minus is "mainasu", and "equals" is "ikoru". Elementary school students know these words.
  • 2nd grade elementary school students learn time and clocks in April. So, you can do lessons using time from that point on.
  • 2nd grade students learn to add and subtract (up to hundreds) and multiply (up to 9x9). 3rd grade students learn division.

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