Secret Number Game

Guess a student's secret number to move the student to your team.
Target levelES 1 - 4
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  1. Students are assigned numbers at random.
  2. Students say their number in front of the class and the other students try to remember everyone’s number.
  3. Students must then try to keep their number secret.
  4. Students are then divided into two teams.
  5. A student from Team 1 calls out a number. If the number belongs to someone on Team 2, then that person must move to Team 1. If the student from Team 1 calls out a number that belongs to a student on his own team, then that student must move to Team 2.
  6. Teams try to have the most players by the end of the game.
  7. The end comes either when the teacher declares the game finished or when one team has all the players (or a set number of players).


  • Give each students a secret number 1-20, that they shouldn't tell each other.
  • Each row is a team.
  • Pick a student to start by saying any number 1-20.
  • The students whose number is called then sits down.
  • The student who sat down then calls the next number.
  • The team that has all its members sit down is the winner.

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