Steal the Bacon

Students race to grab an eraser when they hear their number.
Target levelES 1 - 3
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  1. Make two teams.
  2. Each team lines up along the wall on opposite sides of the gym.
  3. Put the eraser (bacon) in the middle of the gym.
  4. Assign a number to each student on each team.
  5. The teacher calls out a number, for example "6".
  6. The two 6s from each team run to the middle of the gym and try to be the first one to steal the bacon.
  7. The student who steals the bacon first has to run back to his wall before being tagged by the other student. If the student who steals the bacon gets back to his or her team safely, then he gets a point. If the other student tags him before getting there, then the other student gets a point.

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