Duck Duck Goose

The classic running around a circle game.
Target levelES
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Students sit in a circle. The teacher stands on the outside of the circle. He walks slowly around the circle, tapping the heads of the students while saying "duck, duck, duck, duck ... goose". The student whose head is tapped on "goose" has to get up and tag the teacher before he sits down in the student's place. The student can only run in the same direction as the teacher. If the students can not tag the teacher before he sits down, the student takes over the teacher’s role. "duck, duck, goose" can be replaced with "cat, cat, dog" or "cat, cat, mouse" or any vocabulary with opposites.

Numbers variation

  1. The students sit in a circle.
  2. One student is IT.
  3. The teacher says a number between 1-20.
  4. The student walks around the circle counting as he goes around the circle. (i.e., if the number is 7, they count "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7").
  5. When he gets to number 7 that student is the goose and has to get up and chase IT around the circle.
  6. IT needs to make it to the goose’s space and sit down before IT is tagged.
  7. If IT makes it and sits down before tagged the goose is now IT.
  8. If the goose tags IT before sitting down, IT is IT again.
  9. The teacher should change the number each time.

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