The Throne

Call numbers and move chairs until one team is sitting on the thrones.
Target levelES 2 - 4
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  1. Students sit in a circle. Put an extra chair in the circle. 4 of the chairs are the throne.
  2. Two teams play against each other (girls v boys or red team v blue team).
  3. The team that gets 4 of its members on the throne has won.
  4. Two members from each team sit on the throne (boy-girl-boy-girl).
  5. Give each student a card with a different number on it. The card is kept secret.
  6. The student (Student A) with the empty chair on the left calls out a number (7). The student (Student B) who has the number (7) moves to the empty chair and the pair exchange cards.
  7. Continue until one side wins.

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