Common vocabulary: coat, dress, gloves, hat, pajamas, pants, scarf, shoes, socks, t-shirt, skirt, sweater.


  • In Japanese a scarf is called a muffler. Drawing a picture of a car with smoke coming out the muffler helps the students see English with different meanings.
  • Using old newspapers from school, have the students cut out the clothing ads and make their own flash cards.
  • If you have taught body parts you can teach "A hat goes on your head." The students don`t have to memorize the phrase, but it is easy to understand and a fun way to review.
  • If you have taught country names in English, you can show different clothing from around the world. "A Korean dress."
  • If you have taught money or counting you can teach the students to go shopping.
  • Printing out different types of clothing from your home country. Punk, rock, country, or whatever is wild is fun to talk about with the students. Cowboy hat, shoes that look like a car or a pirate hat. Also kids fashion from your home country for the same age range.


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