Bargaining Game

Bargain to buy and sell food.
Target levelES 3 - 6
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  1. Split the class in half: buyers and sellers.
  2. Before the game begins give the buyers 20 dollars of play money and give the sellers a food card.
  3. Have students find a partner from the opposite half of the class.
  4. For up to three minutes (the ALT will decide when to stop the game), buyers should try to buy the seller's food card. Buyers want the cheapest price. Sellers should try to sell. Sellers want the highest price. The students bargain. See the sample dialogue.
  5. When game finishes, students who were unable to sell or buy, lose.
  6. The student with the most money, wins.
  7. Switch roles and items and repeat, 1 or 3 times.


  1. クラスを半分に分ける:買い手と売り手です。
  2. 始まる前に買い手に20ドルを渡し、売り手に食べ物カードを渡す。
  3. ゲーム開始後に相手を見つける。 
  4. 制限時間は3分以内(時間はALTが決める)。買い手は食べ物をできるだけ安く買う。(買い手は値切る) その時、売り手は食べ物をできるだけ高く売る。下記に見てください。
  5. ゲームが終わった時、買い手が食べ物を買えなかったり、売り手が一つも売れなかったら、その人は負け。
  6. 売買ができた人の中で、一番お金を多く持っている人が勝ち。
  7. 役を元に戻す。

下記/Sample dialogue

  • Aさん: I want pizza.
  • Bさん: It's 20 dollars!
  • Aさん: Oh no、no, no! Its 5 dollars!
  • Bさん: Oh no, no, no! Its 18 dollars!
  • こんな感じで続ける。 Continue in this pattern.


  • Students will not actually bargain the first time, because they're still figuring out the mechanics of the game. So, make sure to repeat several times.
  • Encourage students to shout out offers.
  • Show an example with the teacher. "Ten dollars. Oh my god! No. Five dollars? Hmm, no. Seven dollars? Okay, yes yes. Thank you. Goodbye."


  • Give sellers one of two objects to sell and buyers one of two objects to buy. Then sellers and buyers yell out the object they want to sell or buy.
  • Sell objects other than pizza. For example, cars, computers, or lions.

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