The classic game.
Target levelES 1 - JHS 3
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  1. Bingo is a standard elementary school game. Each student gets a unique bingo sheet with words, phrases or pictures on it. The goal of the game is to make lines, lines can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.
  2. Call out a word or phrase, and students cross it off on their card.
  3. Repeat.


  • Use words instead of pictures.
  • Have students write the words down first.
  • Students write Japanese, you say English, and they translate.
  • Instead of saying a word, say a sentence that contains the word.
  • Play until students black out their entire sheet. If you have extra words.
  • When studying letters, say the sound of the letter (i.e., phonics).


  • Use one standard sheet for all students. At the beginning of the game, students mark off 5 squares on their Bingo sheet using a red pen. They can choose any 5 squares they want. Then, students keep track of the squares called out with a blue pen. If all five of the squares they marked off with a red pen are called out, the students get BONGO! Advantage: You only have to create one bingo sheet.

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