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You can call this worksheet (topic) scramble. After the first time you use it the students can remember what it is. For example "Fruit Scramble".

Use the sample pictures you have for the topic you are teaching and put them all on one A4 size page. This is easy if you have digital files of all your pictures.

Depending on the grade of the class you are teaching, put each picture on the page a different number of times. (Grade 1, Fruits: 10 apples, 2 pineapples, 6 kiwis, 3 mangoes etc...)

Give each student a hand out. Ask them to use a pencil or pen. Then ask them "How many apples?". The students can circle or number the fruits as they count them and respond 10 apples. Students can count out loud together or the teacher can ask "4 apples?" and the students will yell "No" unless the correct number is spoken.

Decorating the hand out with appropriate images makes the hand out more interesting. For an Animal scramble you can use a picture of Omoriyama Zoo from Akita or a Sea Animal scramble can have a picture of a submarine and a diver.

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