Fruits Basket

Students change chairs when their item is called.
Target levelES 1 - 3
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Listen for fruits and change chairs.


  • Players are divided into equal-sized groups, with each group having the name of a fruit.
  • Form a circle with a number of chairs one less than the number of players. Players sit on the chairs, with each group distributed evenly.
  • One player is be left without a chair, and will stand in the center of the circle.
  • The player standing in the center calls out one of the fruit names. When this happens, all players in that group must stand up from their seats and move to another seat in the circle. The player in the center must attempt to take one of the free seats while the other players are moving.
  • A new player will then be left in the center, enabling the game to be repeated. If any player failed to move even though their group's fruit name was called, they are required to move into the centre and the player previously in the center sits in their seat.
  • Instead of stating a fruit name, the player in the center may call "Fruit Basket Turnover!", "Fruit Basket Upset!" or "Fruits Basket!", in which case everybody must move to a different seat.
  • There is often a restriction that the player must move to a seat not adjacent to their own.


  • A player is eliminated if they fail to move when their fruit name is called. Remove chair too.
  • A player who appears in the center for two rounds in a row is eliminated. Remove chair too.
  • The last player standing is eliminated. Remove chair too. Select a new person to call out the next fruit name.
  • Play for things other than fruit. Categories of nouns are best (animals, vehicles, sports, etc.).
  • Ask the person in the middle a question. For example, "What fruit do you like? I like apples."
  • Give everyone two cards, so the groups are more mixed up.

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