Fly Swatter Game

Target levelES 1 - 6
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  • 2 or 3 flyswatters (preferably of different colours).
  • Vocabulary flashcards.


  1. Put flashcards on the board and review.
  2. Make 2 or 3 teams.
  3. Each team has a fly swatter.
  4. One student from each team goes to the board.
  5. The teacher calls out one of the vocabulary words.
  6. The fastest student to swat a picture gets a point for their team.
  7. Now, new students come to the board.
  8. Continue until all students have had a go.
  9. The teacher keeps score on the board.


  • You can play the winner student stays on rule.
  • You can make the students yell out a question before you call out one of the vocab words. Students, "Hows the weather?". Teacher, "It's a dangerous tropical typhoon!" and the students swat at the appropriate card.

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