Fruit, Please

Simple fruit shopping.
Target levelES 1 - 3
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  1. Make pairs. Half the pairs are buyers, and half the pairs are sellers.
  2. Give each selling pair a pile of fruit cards, so one pair has apples, another oranges, etc. Put the cards face up on the desk.
  3. When you say "Go!", the buyers go to a group and buy the fruit. The dialog should be like this.
    • (Buyers) Hello.
    • (Sellers) Hello.
    • (Buyers) Apple, please.
    • (Sellers) Here you are.
    • (Buyers) Thank you.
    • (Sellers) Thank you.
  4. After the buyers get the fruit, they put it on their desks and go buy other fruit.
  5. Do this for 3 minutes.


  • In the above game, it's more like a fruit giveaway. But it works well anyway.


  • Use any topic where shopping is appropriate -- for instance, food, drinks, and clothes.
  • Use paper money. For instance, buyers have a stack of $1 bills, and all fruit costs $1.
  • Use different expressions. For instance, "I want an apple." Or, "I would like an apple."
  • The first group to collect one of each fruit for sale is the winner.

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