Chair Race

Also knows as "Crash" or "Janken Race Game". Two teams race to say vocabulary words.
Target levelES 1 - 6
Activity time5 - 10 minutes
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  1. Put 10 or so flash cards face down on a row of chairs.
  2. Make two teams and put one at each end of the chairs.
  3. One student from each team goes at a time.
  4. The student starts with the first chair, looks at the flash card, says it, and puts it back down, and moves to the next chair. If students don't know a word, they can ask their team for help.
  5. When two students meet, they play janken. The loser goes to the back of his team's line.
  6. As soon as one student loses, the next student from his or her team starts.
  7. If a student reaches the other end of the chairs, that student's team gets a point.
  8. Play for 5-10 minutes.


  • This game can be used with any vocabulary.
  • For a big class, make two separate games. The ALT runs one game, and the JTE runs the other.

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