Four Corners

Go to corners of different numbers and hope the teacher doesn't choose theirs.
Target levelES 1
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  • Print off 4 signs "0-5", "6-10", "11-15", "16-20".
  • Bring one set of number karuta cards.


  1. The ALT puts one number sign in each corner of the room.
  2. The homeroom teacher closes their eyes
  3. The students pick a corner to stand in.
  4. The ALT holds shuffles the karuta cards and the homeroom teacher chooses one.
  5. The ALT reads out the number of the card chosen.
  6. Students in corner containing the number read are out and sit down.
  7. The teacher closes her eyes again and the students change corners.
  8. The process in repeated until there is one student left as the winner.
  9. Sometimes it will be necessary to declare the remaining few students the winners.


  • Side-Side Game. Use only the left and right side of the room. Each round, assign a number to each side of the room. Students stand on the side they think you'll choose.

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