Number Janken

Janken and do actions some number of times.
Target levelES 1 - 3
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  1. Bring a CD with fun music.
  2. Tell you homeroom teacher that you need to use a CD player and an open space.


  1. Play music while the students walk around.
  2. When the music stops they find a partner.
  3. The teacher gives an action. For example, jump, clap, touch your head, stomp, or make an animal noise.
  4. Partners janken.
  5. The winner picks a number.
  6. The loser has to do the action that number of times. For example, the action is jump. The winner picks the number 5. The loser must jump 5 times.
  7. Start the music again. Students switch partners.
  8. When the music stops, pick a new action.

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