I Doubt It!

Card game where you lie about what you're playing.
Target levelES 2 - 4
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  1. Make groups of 4-6.
  2. Give each group a deck of cards.
  3. Deal all the cards from the deck to the students.
  4. The player with the 2 of spades starts, continuing clockwise.
  5. She player puts down the 2 of spades and any other 2s she has in her hand FACE DOWN in a pile and says “one 2” or “two 2s”.
  6. The next player proceeds to put down his 3. Players must play a card every round.
  7. If a player doesn’t have the card he is supposed to put down, he must pretend he has it and play another card instead.
  8. If the other players don't believe him, they shout, “liar” and turn the card over. If he was lying he gets the pile. If he was telling the truth, the accuser gets the pile.
  9. The winner is the person who runs out of cards first.


  • In America, this game is called "BS".
  • The game is fun even for older students, but they probably know small numbers.


  • Cheating is encouraged, but if caught you get the pile.
  • Players can play more cards than they say.

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