Fast Tapping Game

Tap numbers on backs and write the numbers' romaji.
Target levelES
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  1. This is a relay race.
  2. Make 2 teams.
  3. Each team forms a line.
  4. The ALT leads one team. The HRT leads the other.
  5. The ALT/HRT taps the first number on their list onto the back of the last member of the line.
  6. This student taps that number, only once, on the back of the student in front of them.
  7. Continue tapping to the front of the line.
  8. The first student in line writes the number on the board in romaji and goes to end of the line.
  9. Repeat until all students write a number on the board. Each student writes their number below the previous one.
  10. To check the numbers, the team reads numbers off the board together. Check for accuracy.


  • You can penalize the team for incorrect spelling or let correct incorrect spelling without penalizing the team, depending on how strict you want to be.

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