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This page houses links to each unit of the New Horizons textbook. Each link can contain worksheets, reading comprehension checks, reading practice sheets, as well as other types of worksheets.
This page is current as of the 2016 version of New Horizons.

Unit Grammar point Target sentence Lesson Resources
0 2nd Grade - Unit 0-0

2nd Grade - Unit 0-0


Past tense
Past progressive

This pen is 100 yen now. This pen was 150 yen last week. Was this pen 100 yen last week? Yes, it was. / No, it was not.
I am looking for my pencil case now. I was looking for my pencil case then.
You are happy. You look happy.

2nd Grade - Unit 1-1

2nd Grade - Unit 1-2
2nd Grade - Unit 1-3
2nd Grade - Unit 1-4
2nd Grade - Unit 1-5
2nd Grade - Daily Scene 1


Future tense

I am going to visit the U.K. next week. Are you going to visit the U.K. next week? Yes, I am. / No, I am not.
Show me your passport, please.
People call it Big Ben.

2nd Grade - Unit 2-1

2nd Grade - Unit 2-2
2nd Grade - Unit 2-3
2nd Grade - Unit 2-4
2nd Grade - Unit 2-5
2nd Grade - Daily Scene 2



I greet customers to welcome them.
I want to be a chef.
I have many things to do.

2nd Grade - Unit 3-1

2nd Grade - Unit 3-2
2nd Grade - Unit 3-3
2nd Grade - Unit 3-4
2nd Grade - Unit 3-5
2nd Grade - Daily Scene 3
2nd Grade - Presentation 1
2nd Grade - Let's Read 1


Future tense

I have to speak English here. I do not have to speak English here.
I will show you some pictures tomorrow.
You must help your mother.
You must not eat too much.

2nd Grade - Unit 4-1

2nd Grade - Unit 4-2
2nd Grade - Unit 4-3
2nd Grade - Unit 4-4
2nd Grade - Unit 4-5
2nd Grade - Daily Scene 4


Expressing an Opinion

If you are interested, we will send you a catalog. (We will send you a catalog if you are interested.)
I think (that) baseball is interesting.
When you are busy, I will help you. (I will help you when you are busy.)
I opened the window because it was hot. (Because it was hot, I opened the window.)

2nd Grade - Unit 5-1

2nd Grade - Unit 5-2
2nd Grade - Unit 5-3
2nd Grade - Unit 5-4
2nd Grade - Unit 5-5
2nd Grade - Daily Scene 5



There is a cushion on the stage. There are two cushions on the stage.
Is there a special stage set? Yes, there is. / No, there is not.
We enjoyed listening to rakugo
Playing soccer is fun.

2nd Grade - Unit 6-1

2nd Grade - Unit 6-2
2nd Grade - Unit 6-3
2nd Grade - Unit 6-4
2nd Grade - Unit 6-5
2nd Grade - Daily Scene 6
2nd Grade - Presentation 2
2nd Grade - Let's Read 2



The dolphin is larger than the tuna. The blue whale is the largest of all animals.
This movie is more popular than that one. This movie is the most popular in Japan.
Miho is my best friend.
Miho swims as fast as Yuji.

2nd Grade - Unit 7-1

2nd Grade - Unit 7-2
2nd Grade - Unit 7-3
2nd Grade - Unit 7-4
2nd Grade - Unit 7-5
2nd Grade - Daily Scene 7
2nd Grade - Presentation 3
2nd Grade - Let's Read 3

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