Go Fish

The classic card game.
Target levelES 2 - JHS 3
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Go Fish is a popular card game in America, Canada, and other card-game playing countries.

Numbers Go Fish

Divide the students into groups of 4.

  1. Each student is dealt 5 cards.
  2. Explain how to say face cards "Jack, Queen, King, Ace".
  3. The students take turns asking each other "Do you have a three (or any other card)?"
  4. If the answerer doesn't have that card that was asked for, he says, "Go Fish!" and the asker draws a card from the pile. Advance counterclockwise.
  5. If the answerer has the card, he gives it to the asker. If the asker forms a pair from this, he discards the pair and goes again.


  • If the draw pile is exhausted, shuffle the discard pile and put it on the bottom of the deck.
  • This game works best for small classes.


  • Play with animal cards, using appropriate sentences. For example, "I want a pig. Tim, do you have a pig? Here you are."
  • Play with a normal deck of playing cards, but discard pairs of cards that add up to 15 (for instance, a seven and an eight go together).

Sentence Go Fish

Target audience: 2nd grade-6th grade, depending on the variation.

Sentence Go Fish Preparation

  • Make a deck of cards with English sentences written on them.
  • For each sentence, make four cards.

Sentence Go Fish Objective

  • Students try to collect pairs of sentences.
  • If they have a pair, they can discard that pair.
  • If a student is able to discard all cards in his/her hand, the student wins the game.

Sentence Go Fish Rules

  1. The dealer deals each student 3 cards.
  2. The dealer places the deck in a pile at the center of the table, face down.
  3. The student to the right of the dealer chooses one of the students in the group and calls their name.
  4. Then the first student says the sentence of the card s/he want to collect.
  5. If student whose name was called has the card, that student gives it to the first student.
  6. If not, the student whose name was called says, "Go Fish" and the first student takes a card from the pile.
  7. Once this is finished, the next student takes their turn and repeats the process.

Sentence Go Fish Variations

  • Instead of reading the sentence, teach the students to change the affirmative sentence into an interrogative sentence.

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