Final Fantasy

Play janken and ask questions to win lives.
Target levelES 4 - JHS 2
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  • Learn the vocabulary beforehand.
  • Make a worksheet. Suppose we're studying sports, so it might have the following information. Use pictures.
    • Name.
    • Do you play ~?
    • Yes, I do.
    • No, I don't.
    • Circle three sports: soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, volleyball, table tennis.
    • Lives: IIIII.


  1. Give each student a worksheet.
  2. Each student circles three sports.
  3. Students stand up and talk to each other.
  4. They janken. The winner asks the loser, "Do you play soccer?" If the loser has circled soccer, the winner gets a life and the loser loses a life. If the loser hasn't circled it, nothing happens.
  5. Play for 5 minutes and see how many lives each student can win.


  • In elementary school, you need pictures on your worksheet. They're a good idea in junior high school too.


  • Substitute other nouns or verb phrases for sports. Replace the question and answers.

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