Target levelES 1 - JHS 3
Preparation timeNone
Activity time5 - 10 minutes
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Total Physical Response (TPR) is where the teacher says something and the students respond with an action. It's like Simon Says, but without Simon. TPR is useful for everyone, because it's easy to remember words when you associate them with an action. You can use TPR for many topics: body parts, verbs that involve moving, "Take out a pencil/pen/whatever." Because TPR only involves students doing whatever you tell them, it's good for only a few minutes, but it's a good few minutes.


Here are some ideas for commands.

  • Stand up, sit down, jump, spin, turn around, turn left, turn right.
  • Look at the door, window, me, telephone, chalkboard, up, down.
  • Touch your head, ear, nose, window, knee, (right or left) shoulder.
  • Take out a pen, pencil, red pen, highlighter.
  • Open your textbook to page 3. Open your notebook. Close your pencase.


  • The game is generally more fun if you call out commands quickly and don't use too many each class.
  • If students are really good at this, string together commands and include "right" or "left" if possible.

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