Fan Game

Target levelJHS
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  1. Students are divided into three teams (two rows = 1 team).
  2. Write several sounds on the board (say, b, p, v, f).
  3. The first student on each team stands up and takes a fan.
  4. The teacher says a sound or a word with the sound (ban, pan, van, fan) and the students hit the sound they hear with the fan.
  5. The fastest team wins.


  • Difficult word pairs: raw-law, river-liver, rake-lake, right-light, race-lace, grass-glass, free-flee, crash-clash, present-pleasant, courage-college, pray-play, grow-glow, thank-tank, thaw-saw, thing-sing, thumb-sum, thick-sick, think-sink, mouth-mouse, tenth-tense, worth-worse, sea-she, said-shed, same-shame, so-show, suit-shoot, very-berry,vend-bend, vest-best, vet-bet, vote-boat.

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