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This activity can help reinforce syllables.


  1. Divide a piece of paper into four sections, in each section write a season.
  2. Ask the students for seasonal words for each section.
    • Winter: skiing, skating, ice hockey, snowman, ice.
    • Summer: swimming, fishing, rose, violet.
    • Fall: jogging, American football, rugby, hiking, leaves, pumpkins.
    • Spring: baseball, tulips, cherry blossoms.
  3. Students can organize words found in their textbook.
  4. Give the students 3-4 international haiku examples.
  5. Have the students choose a favorite season and write a sentence for it.
  6. Have the students add 2 more lines to make their story.
  7. Haiku is generally written on three lines.
  8. It is not necessary that it follow the 5-7-5 syllable pattern, but each line should be short.

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