Eigo Notebook

The Eigo Note (英語ノート) was the standard textbook for elementary school English between 2009 and 2012. There were two books, one for 5th grade and one for 6th grade. Each book came with a CD which you could install on your computer. The interactive CD contains the entire textbook, plus listening activities. Below are links to an extensive explanation of the 5th and 6th grade lesson plans translated into English, followed by short outlines of the lessons.

Eigo Note was replaced with Hi, friends! in April, 2012.

Eigo Note Teacher's Edition

5th grade book outline

Lesson Topic Target phrase Translation
1 Greetings Hello. / What's your name? / My name is Ken. / Nice to meet you. Lesson 1
2 Emotions How are you? / I'm happy.
3 Numbers How many? / Five.
4 Fruit Do you like apples? / Yes, I do. / No, I don't.
I like bananas. / Thank you.
5 Colors
I don't like blue.
6 Fruit What do you want? / Melon, please.
7 Classroom objects What's this? / It's a pencil.
8 Subjects I study Japanese.
9 Food What would you like? / I'd like juice.

6th grade book outline

Lesson Topic Target phrase
1 Classroom English That's right.
2 Alphabet, Phonics ABC...
3 Months When is your birthday?
4 Activities. I can swim.
5 Directions Turn right.
6 Countries I want to go to Italy.
7 Numbers, Time What time do you get up?
8 English play Please help me.
9 Jobs I want to be a teacher.

Ideas for using the textbook

  • 5th Grade Lesson 7: What's this? / It's a pencil.
    • Put all the large display cards into an envelope with a circle cut in the middle so that a small part of the picture on the card shows through. Whats this?
    • Let students make there own quiz and show the class. Students can make stencil cut outs, draw outlines on one side and the full picture on the other, slowly fold down a picture so students can guess, make a list of hints.
  • 6th Grade Lesson 4: I can swim.
    • Bring in pictures of things you can do. Tongue twisters are good. Whistling, snapping your fingers, winking, moving your ears or one eyebrow, yo-yo etc...

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