Photo Scavenger Hunt

The students take pictures different things that fit the given descriptions.
Target levelJHS 2
Activity time25 minutes
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This is a scavenger hunt type activity. The students are given a list of things to take a picture of (For example: Something bigger than a dog.) The first team to have a picture for each item on the list wins.

Before doing this activity, make sure that you can use some device that can take pictures at your school. I usually use windows tablets, but any device that can take pictures and has screen would do.


  1. Split the students into groups of 3 to 5 students
  2. Give the handout to the students.
  3. Give one tablet (or other device) per team. ( Warn the students to be careful with it!)
  4. Go over the example with the students. Tell the students that went they have finished taking the pictures, they have to come to you so you can check their answer.
  5. Let the students go around the classroom and take pictures.
  6. When 3 teams are finished or the time is up, stop the game, give a present to the winning team(s) and ask the students to go back to their seat.

Hand out

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Example: Something wider that your pencil case.
  • Someone taller your teacher.
  • Something smaller that a desk.
  • The tallest person in your class.
  • Somthing newer than your textbook.
  • Something colder than a hot coffee.
  • Someone older than your ALT.
  • Someone scarier than Jason. (Friday the 13th)
  • Someone shorter than your teacher.
  • ...
  • A picture of your team


To make the activity more interesting, use some of your students' names for the item on the list. Ex: Someone faster that Yosuke.

This activity can also be used with adjectives instead of superlatives and comparative.

Photo Scavenger Hunt
Example: Something green
  • Someone tall.
  • Someone sad.
  • Somewhere warm.
  • Someone old.
  • Something scary.
  • Someone scared.
  • Someone short.
  • ...
  • A picture of your team.

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