Play dominoes by matching adjectives and pictures.
Target levelJHS
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  • Prepare domino cards. Draw a line down the middle of each card. Cut and paste adjective pictures and write the word on one half of the card. Photocopy so you have at least two sets.
  • Now write a random adjective on the other blank end of the card (one that matches the picture end of one of the other cards).


  • Deal 5 cards to each person.
  • Put one card out in the middle of the table.
  • The first player tries to match one of his 5 cards ends to the end or side of the domino on the play field.
  • If they succeed, their turn is over and is passed to the next person.
  • The next player can play off the first person’s card or the original card.
  • If a player can not make a match the draw an additional card and pass their turn.
  • First one out of cards wins.
  • Note: Opposites and matches count the same; clean can be matched with clean or dirty. The deck of cards should be about 60 cards.

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