English Pong

Beer pong for the classroom.
Target levelES - JHS
Activity time20 minutes
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This activity can be used as a general activity for the classroom and can be adapted to suit what they students are learning.


  • Ping pong balls
  • Plastic cups
  • Sweets, chocolates (optional)
  • Pre-planned phrases, questions, answers etc


  • If you know how to play beer pong then this is exactly the same except there is no beer in the cups.
  • Replace the beer with sweets/chocolates or write English words and phrases on a piece of paper and place in a cup.
  • Set up the tables and amount of cups according to the size of the class.

Variation 1

  • Place candy or chocolates into the cups but not all of the cups.
  • This works well with a small group of students.

Variation 2

  • Place English words, phrases, grammar points inside the cups and it can be used to review what the students have learnt so far.
  • Check out this video.

Variation 3

  • This can also be used as a way to determine points for a team if you are playing another game/activity in the class.
  • If they miss then they get no points and if they get a ball in a cup they get the points associated with that cup.
  • Instead of using dice you could get them to throw a ping pong ball into a cup.


  • This game was adapted from the drinking game beer pong.
  • This activity was created by Chey Parlato (Yurihonjō ALT, 2014- present)

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