Target levelJHS
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  • Construct a set of word cards. On one side of each card print a key word. The words on the cards should be organized so that there are matching pairs of vowel sounds (same sound-same spelling, same sound-different spelling, different sound- same selling, sight words). For example, short vowels (bat-cat, bed-pet, sit-tip, not-top, cut-cup) long vowels (ate-day, feet-heat, kite-night, note-boat) other vowels (out-town, look-book, boy-foil) for a total of 26 cards.
  • After all the words have been matched and written down, shuffle the deck.
  • Then number the cards on the reverse side 1-26.
  • Tape or magnetically fasten the words cards to the board with the numbers showing in order.


  1. Divide the class into two teams.
  2. Team A begins play by picking any tow cards (1 and 26).
  3. The teacher turns over the cards and pronounces the words clearly several times.
  4. If the vowels match, Team A wins the two cards. If the vowels do not match, the cards are turned back over.
  5. Change teams and repeat.

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