Find the School Rooms

Say and follow directions to rooms in the school.
Target levelES 4 - 6
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  1. Teach directions and school rooms to students.
    • Turn left, turn right, go straight, go up, go down, stop.
    • Classroom, music room, lunch room, bathroom, teachers office, nurses office, library, gym.
  2. Make pairs. One person is the leader and walks in front. The other person is the follower.
  3. Give the follower a sheet with directions -- a row of pictures where each picture represents a direction (go straight, stop, etc.). Each sheet begins with a number and ends with a question mark.
  4. Give the leader a page with a picture of each room and a small square next to each picture to write the number from the directions sheet.
  5. Starting from the classroom door, the student in back gives directions to the person in frontin till they get to the question mark on the directions sheet.
  6. When they get there, they write the number from the followers direction page on the leaders page of room pictures and return to the classroom.
  7. Students change roles and get the next sheet.
  8. When everyone finish`s, have them tell you what the rooms were in order. Teacher "What was room #1?" Student`s "Lunch Room!".


  • Any destination will work for this game. If you have tought country names, you can display the picture in the target destination.
  • Instruct the kids through gestures, that the follower should not show the leader the directions.
  • The kids are pretty honest about playing games, but it helps to have you or your homeroom teacher in the hallway to help out.
  • Start each student with a different destination or else they all go as a group to each place. Since they come back with their room picture page, you can look at it to see what rooms they have not been to yet and give them a new one.

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