Musical Circles

Target levelES
Activity time5 minutes
(one vote)


  1. Inform the homeroom teacher you need an open space and a CD player.
  2. Bring a CD with fun music.


  1. Have the students make two circles, with the same number of students in each circle. (If there is an odd number of students, the ALT joins the activity)
  2. Start the music.
  3. While the music plays, the two circles walk in opposite directions.
  4. When the music stops, students greet the person closest to them in the opposite circle.
  5. After greeting is complete, the pair sits down.
  6. Once all students are sitting down, the music is started again.
  7. When the music restarts, the students say goodbye, stand up and being walking in opposite directions again.


  • Alternatively, students wander aimlessly during the music and greet the nearest person when the music stops.

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