Color matching game

Combining color with other taught topics.
Target levelES
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This game was made to combine topics with color. The goal is for students to get all their cards to be the same color.


  • Print images of topics the students know on different colored paper. For example the topics animals and fruits. Cut out the cards and shuffle them.
  • Give each student three or four cards. The students should not have cards with colors that match.
  • Students try to meet other students with a color they want. Students Junken.
  • The winner gets to ask for a card they want. But the student must ask correctly for the card. "The blue frog please." The student that lost Junken gets one of the winners cards so students always have the same number of cards.
  • When students get all their cards to be the same color they win. There can be several winners or you can play till everyone is a winner.
  • You can start with 3 cards and level up to four or five cards as the kids get faster at asking.

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