Emotion Charades

Team charades game.
Target levelES
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  1. Make and bring emotion cards to practice the gestures and their emotions (in English) before the game starts.


  1. Teach the students to say all the emotions in English.
  2. Teach them gestures that describe each of the emotion cards or let them be creative and make up their own gestures.
  3. Put students into teams and assign a teacher/leader to each team.
  4. Have the students line up about 10 meters form the teacher/leader.
  5. The first students in each row runs up to their teacher/leader and look at the card the teacher/leader is holding.
  6. These students then turn to face their team and they do a gesture for the picture.
  7. The second students in each line must guess what the word is, using a loud voice.
  8. If the word is correct the first student runs back to their team and the second student runs up to the teacher/leader to look at the new word.
  9. The first team to have all members gesture and guess correct word wins.

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