Pac-man Review

Listen for vocabulary and avoid being eaten by Pac-man.
Target levelEL 1-3
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  1. The ALT or Homeroom Teacher is Pac-man.
  2. Pac-man makes a ‘C’ with their hand.
  3. Students form a line.
  4. The first student in line must slide their hand flat inside the mouth of Pac-man's ‘C’.
  5. Explain that Pac-man chomps when he says ‘NO!’.
  6. The teacher who isn't Pac-man reviews the numbers or vocab, ex. “Is this a 2?” while showing a flashcard.
  7. If the answer is ‘yes’, then no one moves.
  8. If it is ‘no’ then Pac-man says ‘NO!’ and tries to chomp down before the student can pull their hand away.
  9. If Pac-man chomps successfully, he advances 2 students. If Pac-man chomps unsuccessfully, he advances 1 student.


  • Good for a review activity.

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