Janken up the Ladder

Target levelES
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Directly before class write the greetings on the board in progression:

  1. Good Morning
  2. Hello
  3. Good Afternoon
  4. Good Evening
  5. Good Night


  1. The students walk around to find a partner.
  2. Everyone starts with Good Morning.
  3. They pair Janken.
  4. They greet each other with Good Morning.
  5. The winner gets to move on to the Hello with the next partner and the loser has to use Good Morning again.
  6. The student move around the room greeting each other and progress through the greetings.
  7. When the student reaches and uses Good Night they get to sit down.


  • As motivation, time the class to see how long it takes them to sit down. Then do the activity again and have them try to beat their time.

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