Jambo Bwana

Sing introduction song in Kenyan, French and English.
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  1. Teach the words to Jambo Bwana in English. "Hello. Hello, my friend. How are you? I'm fine thank you."
  2. Sing as a class.
  3. Teach the words to Jambo Bwana in French. "Bonjour. Bonjour mon ami. Comment ca va? Tres tres bien merci."
  4. Sing as a class.
  5. Teach the words to Jambo Bwana in Swahili. "Jambo. Jambo bwana. Hbari gani. Mzuri sana."
  6. Sing as a class.


  • Consider singing the song as a warmup for two class periods. Learning three languages in one day can be hard.
  • The tune is catchy and easy, so you don't need a CD.
  • Recorded versions are fast, so consider slowing it down.
  • Jambo Bwana is a song from Kenya. The original lyrics are Swahili.

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