English Baseball

Group game using "I like ~." and "You like ~?".
Target levelES
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First, teach the kids to do the following dialog:

A: I like (for example: strawberries).

B: Oh! You like (for example: strawberries), right?

A: That's right!

Note: If you really ham up the Oh! and right? and That's right! The kids like the activity a lot better.

Second, choose a pitcher and a batter. (You can rotate through the students) The pitcher is A-san, the batter is B-san and umpire #1 (Elementary School Teacher or ALT) watches the batters eyes (more explanation follows) while umpire #2 watches the pitchers eyes.

To get a successful bat, the batter has to accurately say, "Oh! You like (for example: strawberries), right?" while maintaining eye contact with the pitcher. If the batter looks away or can't repeat the phrase, it is a strike. If the pitcher looks away it is a ball. If the room disolves into laughter, it is a foul. The batter gets 3 strikes. The pitcher gets 4 balls.

Third, if the batter bats successfully, all players on the bases get to advance one base. At each base, the base runner (1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, home), says 1 word in Japanese and the runner responds with the English. If the runner responds correctly, the runner is safe. If the runner responds incorrectly, the runner is out.

Note: This game requires a mature class and a good working relationship between the elementary school teacher and the ALT. It also requires all students to fully understand the game before it starts. If you lack any of these things, this game will be a disaster!

Also, it is good to play this game in the gym instead of the classroom so that you can have real bases.

In this game, stealing bases is prohibited and there is no outfield.

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