Match Finding

Find others with the same card.
Target levelES 1 - JHS 1
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  1. Give each student an emotion card.
  2. Students walk around acting that emotion.
  3. When students meet, they janken. The winner starts. "How are you? I'm fine. And you? I'm sick."
  4. If the pair have the same emotion, they sit down.


  • This works well for getting kids into groups for Karuta.


  • Use other topics than emotions: sports or hobbies, perhaps.
  • Use animal sounds and make the animal sounds when walking around.
  • Use sounds for phonics.
  • Form groups of other sizes.
  • Students find all other students with the same card, not just a certain number.
  • Use sports, but have the most baseball cards, the second most football cards, and the third most basketball cards. After forming groups, see which group is biggest. Talk about the most popular sports in America.
  • When students greet each other and don't match, they trade cards.

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