Polygon Tag

Play tag where students listen for and run to shapes on the ground.
Target levelES
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  1. Before class begins, use tape to draw the outlines of shapes on the floor of the gym. Use electrical tape so that it doesn't leave residue when you pull it up at the end of the day. Make the shapes close enough together so that you can see all the shapes from a single spot, but far enough away from each other so that it takes a little bit of time to run from one shape to the next. Make the shapes big enough so that MOST of the students can get at least one foot inside the shape.
  2. Take a couple cards with shapes on them, and teach the students the names of the shapes.
  3. When you call out the names of the shapes, the students have to get one foot inside that shape on the ground before any "it" person tags them.
  4. If they get tagged, they are "it".
  5. The last student standing wins.

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