Birthday cards

Write birthday cards to friends or family.
Target levelES 5 - 6
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Make a birthday card for your friend or relative at home.

  1. Buy or make a birthday card. Make one yourself by finding a good cover image on the internet and adding some text. Because you scan the card later, put the image and all signatures on the same side of the card.
  2. Sign the card yourself.
  3. Teach your students a few ways to sign a birthday card.
    • Happy birthday, George! Love, Douglas.
    • I hope your birthday is fun. Sincerely, Jeff.
    • I love you! -AJ.
    • Yours, Calvin.
    • From, Nirvana.
  4. Ask your students to sign the card. Write messages in English. Write messages in Japanese. Sign names in English and Japanese.
  5. After class, scan the card. E-mail it to your relative on right day.
  6. After your relative replies, ask your relative to reply again with more information.
    • Favorite food, drink, sports, hobbies, and music.
    • Age.
    • Picture of self and anything interesting.
    • Where your relative lives.
    • Anything.
  7. After your relative replies, read the reply to your class. Translate parts that need translating. Show the pictures.
  8. Only tell some of your friends and relatives about it. Use the other friends and relatives for a different class.

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