Spin the bottle

Target levelES 5 - 6
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This game is an adaption of the original. It is suitable for 5th-6th grade ES students and JHS.


  1. Get a bottle, glass is best, and decorate it with stickers.
  2. Print appropriate pictures to match the prases. MES English is good.
  3. Get 2 dice.
  4. Teach new phrases:
    1. I love you. (私は愛する)
    2. Be my Valentine. (私のバレンタインになって下さい)
    3. You're beautiful. (あなたはきれい)
    4. Be mine. (私の特別な人になって下さい)
    5. I'm yours. (私はあなたのものです)
    6. No, thanks. (ごめなさい)
  5. Write numbers 1~6 beside each phrase/picture.
  6. Have the children sit in a circle; boys and girls evenly mixed.


  1. ALT spins the bottle twice to select 2 children of opposite sex.
  2. The 2 children stand up and get a die each.
  3. The number on the dice corresponds to a phrase on the board.
  4. The children must say the phrases to each other. The lower number speaks first.
  5. Next each student spins the bottle once to select a new student each.
  6. Repeat.

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