Guess that Number! (Price is Right)

Bring a variety of items in a number bag (backpack), and have students guess in teams the number of each item.
Target levelES
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  1. Make teams -- rows or groups, depending on class size.
  2. Show the students the number bag (a backpack with many pockets).
  3. Take one item out of a pocket. Tell the students to "guess how many?"
  4. The students then discuss in English by saying any number from 1 to 20 and the person in the front row gives the group's answer.
  5. Next the person in the front row goes to the back and everyone moves up.
  6. Continue and the team with the most correct guesses is the winner.

Interesting items

  • Heavy books (have each group leader hold the bag).
  • Big Legos.
  • Sports cards, cartoon cards, stickers.
  • Feathers.
  • Markers, crayons, color pencils.
  • Stuffed animals, characters.
  • Other interesting items your students know and love.


  • In small classes, everyone guesses.

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