Hand Jive

Dance to Willie and the Hand Jive using adjectives to describe how to dance.
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  • Get a copy of Willie and the Hand Jive. Eric Clapton has a good version, but many other artists have performed it too.


  1. Students stand up.
  2. Teach the hand jive without music first.
  3. Tap your thighs twice.
  4. Clap your hands twice.
  5. Make your hands flat and horizontal. Put your right hand a few inches above and to the right of your left hand. Move your hands horizontally together and apart twice.
  6. Switch hands and repeat.
  7. Make your hands into fists. Tap them together end-to-end, with your right hand on top twice.
  8. Switch hands and repeat.
  9. Make a fist with your thumb out on your right hand. Swing your hand up over your shoulder twice.
  10. Switch and repeat.
  11. Hand jive to the beat until the music stops.


  • Teach adjectives like high, low, fast, slow, big, and small. Then, when hand jiving, call out one or two adjectives. Everyone must hand jive in that manner. End with "big and fast".
  • Ask students to call out adjectives.

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