Month bowling

Roll dice and say the month.
Target levelES 6
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You will need 2 large, soft dice for this game.


  1. Put a picture representing January on the board. Teach the pronunciation.
  2. Have the kids whose birthday is January put their name magnets under the picture and practice with just those kids.
  3. Introduce February, and do same as above.
  4. Introduce all months in this manner.
  5. After all months have been taught, review many times.


  1. Split the class into 2 groups.
  2. Students make 2 lines and face each other (like baseball players after a game).
  3. The first student from each group gets a large dice.
  4. Both kids throw the dice between the rest of the students.
  5. Students add the 2 numbers together*. The kids who threw the dice can raise their hand to say the name of the month. Other students can help.
  6. Now the whole team must repeat the month.
  7. Correct answers get 1 point. Have a JTE keep score.

*Note: The lowest number two dice can give is 2. So January will never be the answer. One way around this is to make a special rule: 6+1=1.
You will also find that May to September are most likely to come up. So you can add extra rules if you feel it's necessary; i.e. 3+3=2, 4+4=11 but that gets quite confusing.

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