Janken Card Collecting

Play janken and ask questions to win cards.
Target levelES 1 - 6
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  1. Each student is given 4 cards.
  2. Students walk around the room to find a partner and janken.
  3. The winner gets to ask for a card from the loser. If the loser has it he must give it to the winner. The students can use the animal name to ask or a sentence structure. (”Do you have a _____?” Or “I want a _____.”)
  4. Students who run out of cards can go to the teacher to get more so they can continue playing.
  5. The goal can be to gather only your favorite animal or the gather a set of animals. Using goal 1, the student with the most of the same animal wins. Using goal 2, the first student to gather the set of animals wins.


  • Use the game for other subjects and grammar. For example, "Is it sunny? Yes it is."
  • For 3rd grade, consider only having "Yes." and "No." for answers.
  • Use the game with playing cards that have statistics on them. Suppose you have cards with age on them. Then, "How old are you? I'm 35. And you? I'm 32." The player with the larger number gets the other player's card.
  • Use game cards with multiple stats. If you have sumo cards with height, weight, and age, the janken winner chooses what stat to ask about. Smart 5th and 6th graders will choose stats with large values.
  • This game can be played with each student having one card. When they meet, the Janken winner can ask the question first and the loser can answer and ask the question second. After they finish they can exchange cards and find a new partner.
  • For younger students you can play music and tell the students to shuffle around the room. When the music stops the students race to find a partner.

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