Talk:Elementary School Activities

  • Let's be careful not to list many (any?) games from GenkiEnglish that require buying materials from there. Please put a half-sentence description of your games here. Also include age ranges. Keep variations of a game on the same page, mostly. Let's order games in each section by age range. Put games that can be used by 1st-anything at the top, followed by 2nd-anything, and so on. If we don't know the age range, put it at the bottom. Douglaspperkins 13:21, 16 August 2008 (JST)

Topics Page Bad, Holiday Break-out Page Good

  • I don't want to undo work that you have done, but I think we should get rid of the topics page. By listing the activities in two pages, we run the risk of having activities listed on one page that aren't listed on the other, which will make it more difficult to find activities rather than easier. -Rob
    • Indeed, listing games twice is irritating. However, I use the topics pages because I find them far more useful than this one. But you don't. So, maybe two pages are good. Douglaspperkins 20:56, 23 December 2008 (CST)
  • I do like your idea of adding a break out page for holidays, though. In my opinion, at least, holidays should be taught as a school event rather than as a lesson. As such, having a break out page allows people more space to add their advice about how to carry off a school event. -Rob

Michael 21:22, 4 September 2009 (JST)

  • I think adding periods after all the links is distracting and a waste of space. Michael 22:03, 1 October 2009 (JST)

Topics Page Good, Rob is in outer space?

  • I just added a game to both the Topics page and the Activities page. It was easy to figure out where the game went on the topics page, but not as easy on the Activities page (Color matching, for combining other topics with color). I wonder if the Activities page would be more useful if divided into different categories. Like types of games. Many games can be used for many topics and I think it is obvious that most of these are suggestions but maybe new categories can be more useful?
  • Rob, how dare you call MY topics page bad :`( The two pages have different information and different purposes. Do you think these pages can be labeled better? Or is there overlap we should make more distinct? The Topics page should be easy for people to add anything they want, hopefully increasing our contributors. The Activities page is a list of games and such.Ideas?Michael 15:43, 20 October 2009 (JST)
  • Mike: Acutally, in the year since I made that comment, the topics page has evolved nicely. I didn't know about search back then, so I was worried about not being able to find games if they were listed on multiple pages. I no longer have that worry. We could just use the topics page at this point. It looks good (though it would be good to keep the activities page around until we are sure that we don't orphan any links there. -Rob
  • No problem Rob. I've been watching a lot of Cosmos lately with Carl Sagan and he makes me want to be in outer space too. I worry a lot about your comment though. I am pretty sure the search option should be a last resort. Shouldn't our goal be to help make a wiki that doesn't need the search bar? I really didn't intend the Topics page to be a place to host games. A suggestion for games that work well with that topic along with other ALT suggestions for that topic was more of what I was going for. I still think an activities page is necessary and different than the Topics page, but I think the activities page has grown so much it needs different classifications for organizing all the games on there. If we only had the topics page, where would karuta go? Fruit?Michael 18:34, 21 October 2009 (JST)