Gesture Game

The teacher makes a gesture while hidden. Students make their own gesture and guess what it is.
Target levelES 1 - 3
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  1. After teaching the emotions, teach a gesture to go with it.
  2. Everyone stands up.
  3. The ALT asks, “How are you?”.
  4. Then everyone says "I'm _____________." and does a gesture.
  5. The ALT says "Freeze" and everyone holds their gesture.
  6. Meanwhile, the homeroom teacher is hiding.
  7. The ALT asks, "Sensei, How are you?"
  8. The homeroom teacher comes out of hiding holding a gesture and says "I'm ___________!"
  9. The students who have the same gesture and word as the teacher, have to sit down. Continue playing until there are only a few students left standing.

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