Name Tags

Practice "Hello, my name is ~." and make name tags.
Target levelES
Activity time20 minutes
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This is a great activity for the first time you visit a school as a way to learn the students names.


  1. Cut out name-sized cards
  2. Put to hole punches in the top of the card and add string.
  3. Inform the elementary school homeroom teacher that the students will need to bring art supplies.
  4. Pack a CD with happy music.
  5. Bring a list of students names (in a format you can understand)


  1. Play music softly.
  2. Prepare a list of students names before hand.
  3. Teach your students to say "Hello, my name is ___________"
  4. Have them practice in pairs to keep them busy...
  5. As students become ready, have them approach you, say "Hello, my name is ____________" and then you write their name in Romaji on their card.
  6. Afterwards, students can decorate their name tags.

Variation For Higher Level Students

  1. Have students practice writing their names in romaji in a notebook
  2. ALT/Homeroom Teacher checks the students romaji for mistakes.
  3. When students are able to correctly write their names in romaji, hand out a name card and let them make and decorate their name card.

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